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Have you considered the variety of career paths available to you?

Even if you just started graduate school, it’s not too early to start!

  • Explore the BCI career pages to find information and resources specific to each career path. These pages are updated often, so make sure to visit regularly.

  • MyIDP gives you a better understanding of how your skills and interests fit with available career paths.

  • Attend the NIH Career Symposium.

  • Watch videocasts by the Office of Intramural Education and Training (OITE) at the NIH.

  • Watch the videos of Toby Freedman's presentations at JHU in May 2014.

  • Watch the iBiology video highlighting how graduate students and postdocs can use the MyIDP to plan a career path.

  • Check our calendar for additional BCI sponsored events!

  • Expand your network and have informational interviews.

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