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LinkedIn Tips

“Why should I create a LinkedIn account while I’m still in graduate school? I am not looking for a job yet…”

Whether you are interested in a career in academic research or are considering a different path, building your professional network early will allow you to learn more about potential opportunities.

  • Most professional opportunities arise through people who know you or people who made a referral
  • Your profile works as an online resume: Recruiters and potential collaborators can find you
  • You can ask to be introduced to people who work in a company that interests you
  • You can see the career paths of alumni from your graduate and undergraduate institutions.
  • You can join discussions with scientists and other like-minded professionals

Here are some tips and best practices for creating an effective LinkedIn profile and a fruitful networking experience:

A. Create your LinkedIn profile (+/-)

B. Refine your profile (+/-)

C. Network (+/-)

D. Stay connected and visible (+/-)

E. Join Groups (+/-)

F. Take full advantage of the search options (+/-)

Helpful Links (+/-)

Remember (+/-)

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