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Science Administration

There are several different opportunities in science administration. You could work for a funding agency overseeing the review and award of grants/contracts, or you could facilitate/manage research projects or training programs (including budgets). Potential employers include universities; non-profits and professional societies; government and the military. Additionally, there are administrative jobs in the biotech industry that may require similar skills (e.g. project management).

If you are interested in a job within the federal government, some titles in include: Scientific Review Officer; Health Science Administrator; Scientific Program Analyst; or Program Officer. For more information watch the videocasts under Resources below.

If you are interested in working for a research institution, here are some career options: (+/-)

Working in the capacity of an administrator would require strong organizational and writing skills. Additionally, one would have to be able to communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders inside and outside the organization, and be able to build productive relationships.

Resources (+/-)

Training (+/-)

Professional Societies and Networking (+/-)

A day in the life of… (+/-)

We thank Bridget Hughes, Megan Jean Stine, and Melissa Vining Stundick for their assistance in compiling the above information.

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