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Thank you for your interest in the Biomedical Careers Initiative (BCI)! We welcome the opportunity to partner with companies and organizations in Baltimore, Maryland, and across the country.

Through our established partnerships, BCI provides a pipeline of superbly trained, exceptionally bright graduate students to serve as interns at host organizations. The experience – for both students and partners – has been overwhelmingly positive.

Since our inception in 2013, BCI has formed agreements with 13 organizations in fields ranging from industry R&D to science communications. We believe the benefits to our partners to be significant.

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Application Process

  1. Internship Announcement: Submit a brief description of the internship opportunity being offered by your company, including:

    • Description of the work
    • Timeline/duration of internship
    • Preferred qualifications
  2. Review Applications: BCI will forward to the host organization all application materials (cover letters and resumes) submitted by the applicants. You will then select the candidates to interview and schedule the interviews.
  3. Evaluation: At the end of the internship, provide an evaluation of your student intern.


Benefits to BCI Partners

  • Establish a pipeline of highly-trained, motivated, and goal-oriented Johns Hopkins graduate students to serve as interns
  • Infuse your group with new perspectives, ideas, and energy
  • Screen for potential employees
  • Reduced administrative burden (much of the administrative work is executed by BCI)


Feedback from BCI Partners

"(Our BCI intern’s) performance was outstanding and resulted in measurable and significant outcomes. As a result, he became the first and the only intern so far who was awarded the Certificate of Outstanding Performance in our company’s history!"

"Thanks very much for making this wonderful experience (for both of us) possible."

"I have been delighted to work with (our BCI intern)! She is a very nice person and performs outstanding work."

"I hope that the program will continue.  I think it is a wonderful opportunity for senior graduate students to experience opportunities and working conditions outside of the laboratory. We really enjoyed having (our BCI intern) with us, and I think our organization got as much out of the internship as she did."

"It is a great program.  We look forward to getting the next batch of students."


Thank You to our Partners!



Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn more.

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