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Internships - Outcomes

The internship experience has been a positive exeperience for students and host sites alike. Many students report a greater sense of confidence in their ability to succeed in the job market, and the job outcomes show this to be true. Host sites consistently commend students' outstanding performance and contributions to the team. 


Job Outcomes

To date, six BCI interns have graduated and four found jobs closely related to their BCI internship experience:

  1. Internship: ASBMB-writing / Job: Corporate Communications Specialist, Sandia National Laboratories
  2. Internship: BioHealth Innovaton-technology transfer / Job: Junior Associate, McKinsey and Company
  3. Internship: ASBMB-writing / Job: Communications/Social Media Coordinator, Amreican Physiological Society
  4. Internship: ASBMB-outreach / Job Senior Associate, International Activities, American Chemical Society


Feedback from Participants

From BCI Interns:

  • 95% of interns would "Highly Recommend" or "Recommend" their internship to other students
  • "Keep hosting (interns)! I am very thankful I was able to take this internship, and I hope other students would be able to benefit from full-time internships in the future.”
  • "I think I am competitive to apply to science writing, medical writing, or science communications positions. [The internship] has been a defining experience and I am very grateful that I had this opportunity."
  • "Having done this internship I feel much better prepared to navigate the job market in industry, particularly when it comes to evaluating companies and knowing what fits best for me."
  • "My experience was great. I felt very welcomed, accepted as part of the team, and given responsibilities….and I think that is most important for career enrichment. I am grateful”
  • “It was a valuable experience for me and I hope (my host organization) continues to host interns so others can benefit from it, too.”

From BCI Internship Host Sites:

  • 84% of host sites rated their intern's performance as "Excellent" or "Very Good"
  • "(Our BCI intern’s) performance was outstanding and resulted in measurable and significant outcomes. As a result, he became the first and the only intern so far who was awarded the Certificate of Outstanding Performance in our company’s history!"
  • "I hope that the program will continue.  I think it is a wonderful opportunity for senior graduate students to experience opportunities and working conditions outside of the laboratory. We really enjoyed having (our BCI intern) with us, and I think our organization got as much out of the internship as she did."
  •  "It is a great program.  We look forward to getting the next batch of students."

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